There are four steps to getting behavioral health services.


  1. Call a behavioral health provider
    If you are experiencing a crisis, call the crisis line located in your county.  There are no eligibility requirements for utilizing crisis line services.

    Call one of the behavioral health providers in your county and ask for behavioral health services.  The behavioral health provider will give you an appointment time for an assessment interview.

    The behavioral health provider will also ask you questions about your health insurance so that he or she can tell you if you will be eligible for publicly funded services.  If you have private insurance the behavioral health provider will help determine if your insurance will cover the cost of your care, or help with references to other providers.

  2. Assessment interview
    During the assessment appointment the behavioral health provider will talk with you and get enough information to understand your background and problems.  The assessment appointment includes a behavioral health history and questions about your health, your family, and your current living arrangement.

    With this information the behavioral health provider will be able to identify what type of behavioral health services will best meet your needs.  The behavioral health provider will also give you a temporary behavioral health diagnosis.  Medicaid and insurance companies require that all people receiving care have a behavioral health diagnosis.

    The behavioral health provider will fill out a form that will be submitted to Great Rivers Behavioral Health for approval.

  3. BHO review
    Great Rivers Behavioral Health will review your behavioral health diagnosis and decide if you are eligible to receive publicly funded behavioral health services.

  4. Notification
    If Great Rivers Behavioral Health decides that you are eligible for publicly funded behavioral health services, you will be contacted and a first appointment for your treatment services will be set up.  Our goal is to meet with you and begin treatment within 10 working days of your assessment interview.

    If Great Rivers Behavioral Health decides that you are not eligible for publicly funded behavioral health services, you will be sent a letter explaining why Great Rivers Behavioral Health declined your request for services.  This letter will also contain suggestions for getting help from other services. 

  • How can I obtain information on claim processing for covered services.
    Great Rivers Behavioral Health Organization does not receive claims for services.  If you are interested in information on encounters submitted by your service provider, please contact Great Rivers at (800) 218-5006 and they can assist you.

  • How to obtain care after normal business hours.
    Each Behavioral Health Agency is required under contract to have availability for afterhours care.  This information will be provided to you at your initial service appointment.  Additionally, after hour’s emergency/crisis services can be obtained by contacting (800) 803-8833.

  • How to obtain emergency care.
    For behavioral health crisis services contact the number provided by your treating behavioral health agency or call the Great Rivers BHO Crisis Line at (800) 803-8833.  Services can be provided over the phone or the crisis line may refer your call to one of our mobile crisis teams or a designated crisis responder for arranging face to face meeting to assist with the crisis.  An emergency is defined as:  when someone has a sudden or severe behavioral health problem and needs care right away.  Any type of physical injury that requires medical attention or situations where police are needed should contact 911 services. 

  • Out of area care and coverage.
    Great Rivers BHO should be contacted prior to engaging in any routine care when out of the service area.  Great Rivers BHO will review the service need and identify how we can assist.  For emergency psychiatric inpatient care, the entity where you are receiving care will contact Great Rivers BHO to provide notification of the service.  Great Rivers will review the clinical information and make a determination on what can be covered.


If you need assistance please contact our members services at (800) 218-5006