What is FACT?

Flexible Assertive Community Treatment - The FACT program provides care for people with mental health needs that have a history of multiple visits to an emergency department, inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations and/or contacts with law enforcement as it relates to mental health issues. 

Who is eligible for the FACT program?

Individuals who receive Medicaid insurance benefit for behavioral health services and who have a Level of Care Utilization Score (LOCUS) that places them in a Level 3 or Level 4 service level.

What is the Goal of the FACT program

The goal of the FACT program is to assist individuals in learning recovery skills, obtaining resources, reducing hospitalizations and contacts with law enforcement.  The FACT team utilizes a wraparound approach within the community setting and works in partnership with individuals who meet the service level criteria for admission.

What services does the FACT program provide?:

  • Behavioral Health counseling services

  • Medication Management

  • Skill building for self-care

  • Exploring employment opportunities

  • Assistance with identifying benefits and other funding/financial resources

  • Assistance with finding housing


Contact information

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1447
Chehalis, WA 98532

Cowlitz Location:
1338 Commerce Ave, Suite 303
Longview, WA 98632

Cowlitz After Hours Phone:
(360) 999-3685

Grays Harbor Location:
3033-B Ingram Street
Hoquiam, WA 98550

Grays Harbor After Hours Phone:
(360) 523-5208

By Phone:
   (360) 261-6930 / (855) 303-4834

By Fax: 
   (360) 748-4480 / (844) 554-3370

Who Provides FACT Services?: 

Community Integrated Health Services Agency has developed a strong FACT team that is designed to wrap services around each individual in services.  FACT team members includes:

  • Mental Health Professional - Clinician who develops the assessment and treatment plan in conjunction with the individual and natural supports as identified by the individual in service.

  • Nurse - Medical Provider/Organizer - provides assistance with medication management and care coordination with physical health and special health providers

  • Case Manager - Assist with development of resources in the community that includes, but is not limited to, housing, employment, recreational activities, community integration, food banks, and more

  • Peer Specialist - Peer specialist provide community integration and connection through a peer lens of a lived experience with individuals in services. Providing assistance with community resources, practicing coping skills, and more.

  • Case Manager II - The Case Manager II assist with the same resources as the Case Manager one. This position also assist in locating Substance Use Disorder programs in the county area to assist individuals in their recovery.

  • Psychiatrist - The team includes a telemedicine psychiatrist who oversees clinical needs and is responsible for prescribing medications for individuals in the program.

  • Employment Specialist - The employment specialist works with the individual in becoming job ready and assist with skills necessary to obtain and sustain employment.

How do you make referrals to the FACT Program?: 

Referral to the FACT team can come directly to any FACT team member by faxing completed referral form and faxing to number above, or by contacting the numbers above for instruction.  The FACT program has a referral form that will either be completed by the requesting entity or may be completed with the individual seeking services and one of the FACT team members. 

Referral forms:

FACT Referral Form
Authorization To User or Disclose Protected Health Information Form